People First!!

 At first glance that makes absolute sense. Simon Sinek reiterates that in Leaders Eat Last. But, how does this apply to Universities? At the heart of higher education is an experience created predominantly by people supporting students as they grow and learn. It seems like the People First concept should apply. However, let’s look […]

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Creating space for employee success!

When was the last time you stepped back and asked, “What’s really happening in my work environment?” and “Is my team thriving personally and professionally”? Research data on workplace satisfaction would say that many workplace environments are negative, and employee engagement continues to plummet. Yet the complexity of issues facing organizations is greater than ever. […]

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Make the tough University decisions!

We are experiencing one of the most challenging higher education environments ever.  Financial and enrollment pressures have many institutions scrambling to survive.  Are you a University or College leader faced with the daunting task of transforming your struggling university and college back into a thriving institution? It seems that almost every higher education leader I’ve […]

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