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Coaching, Facilitation, Speaking, and
Leadership Development to empower
university leaders to co-create organizations
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I support leaders and institutions to create high performing, supportive environments that achieve transformative results.

Common questions I hear;

  Do I have what it takes to lead?

  Am I inspiring my team to focus on what matters most?

  Do I have the buy-in from all stakeholders?

  How do I create a culture of possibility and non-judgement?

  Am I ready?

In my years of experience with coaching, facilitation, speaking, and leadership development, I have seen that everything improves when we improve the way we live, learn, and lead.

“Christine is a gift that has truly impacted the trajectory of my career and life.”

-Melissa Padfield, BA, MA, Interim Vice- Provost & University Registrar


Christine J. Quinn specializes in coaching, facilitation, speaking, and leadership development for higher education professionals and teams. In her own words, “Nothing lights me up more than seeing the fruits of our collaboration transform universities and colleges into healthy, thriving, organizations.”

Christine has been through the best and the worst of times in higher education and knows the impact of authenticity and collaboration.

Early in her career, Christine experienced the same frustrations that today’s leaders face. Like many of them, her vision and ambitious pursuits were knocked down time and time again by imposter syndrome-like symptoms of self-doubt, confusion about workplace politics, and overworking to a fault. She questioned why the big dream of meaningful change in her leadership functions was so hard to do.

This began to affect her personal life and eventually, her health. Work-life balance was non-existent until a series of health challenges forced Christine to pause and re-evaluate her choices. Unable to work, she reconnected with her inner purpose and refocused her energy to launch her own business. This transformation led her to a life that she now loves. These days, Christine uses her experience and expertise to co-create strategies that activate transformative success and ignite people with passion and purpose. 

Having overcome all that she’s been through in life and at work, Christine is the full-package coach, consultant, and facilitator who works with aspiring, current and future leaders in higher education. Unique to Christine’s empathetic style, she helps her clients rediscover their purpose, both in life and at work, while holding a safe space for them to flourish, realize their fullest potential, and transform into authentic leaders who achieve, engage, and inspire

The experience Christine brought to our higher education program has been exceptional. She understood our needs, and guided us through many complex processes—empowering us to take action and keeping us accountable. I would highly recommend her.

Mike Bartlett Dean / Associate Professor of Mathematics UW Colleges Online

It’s hard to imagine how someone can combine having fun with tackling complex and very challenging higher education management issues. Christine inspires and motivates people to produce results.

Christopher Cassirer President and Chief Executive Officer Northwestern Health Sciences University

I have grown and learned through coaching. Additionally my team has benefitted greatly from my improved leadership skills and they have made drastic improvements with my guidance. They established team norms, aligned with the university values, and agreed to hold each other accountable for the success of our team. Communication improved between team members in general and during team meetings. It feels like a more supportive and positive work environment.

Erin Director of Admissions

Warning: it may take fewer than 24-hours to achieve results.

Kelly Senior Leader

Imagine &

Ignite Your

True Purpose


Using a practical, strengths-based approach, Christine guides executives and teams through a customizable four-step process to be more authentic, engaging, and influential in their lives and careers.

What sets Christine apart is her ability to engage quickly to get measurable results. She has the tools for you to assess where you are today and to reassess to measure progress down the road. Additionally, her fun, practical facilitation skills bring teams together quickly and help them FOCUS on what matters.

Executive & Team Coaching

A strengths-based systems approach helps leaders and teams improve workplace and personal outcomes. Coaching programs are customized to the needs and goals of leaders and teams.

Planning & Facilitation

Experienced facilitation to engage and motivate audiences and deliver insights during planning events and seminars.

Speaking & Workshops

Educate, inspire, and engage executives and their teams. Christine speaks on a variety of business topics including leadership, engagement, and team building.


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